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Frog Rock Youth Basketball Division II Playing Rules


Primary objectives:


Provide players with the opportunity to develop fundamental basketball skills


Provide players with the opportunity to grow basketball and social skills in a team-oriented, supportive and fun culture


Emphasize double goal winning- in life and on court


Primary rules:


Ball size: 28.5


Lane Violations: 3 seconds


Basket height: regulation


Fouls Allowed: 5


Free throw distance: regulation


Defenses: half-court zone and man allowed starting at bottom of jump circle (no match-up zones, box & ones



Quarters: 4 ten minute running time


Overtime: 1 three minute period


Tip off: 1st and 3rd quarters


Jump ball: alternating possessions


Timeouts: 3 per half per team, 1 per overtime


Three-pointers: counted from behind the 3-point line


Foul shots: shooting fouls if in act of shooting.


Possession with exception of last two minutes of quarters 2,4 when it is 1 and 1.


Violations are reshot on defense or no basket, change in possession on offense


Jewelry: removed prior to the game


Offensive teams have 10 seconds to cross midcourt or lose possession


1 warning given to teams starting defense above jump circle, then technical foul given


Technical foul violation is 2 shots plus ball


Equal playing time will be the norm for all players on all teams


Coaches are to be PCA trained (sportsmanship and double goal coaching) prior to starting in league

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